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Capacity: 70,000 gallons

Rating: 0.2 Micron(s)

Flow Rate: 6.68 gpm

Model: ICE260-S

Price: $5.00

ICE260 Series Filter System with Shut-off Valve
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Beverage Dispensers

If you serve soda and beverages, they are most likely the most profitable part of your business. Poor water quality and of course any down-time will decrease sales and profits significantly. Water makes up the majority of the taste in your customers drinks and poor water can also affect the life and operation of your machinery leading to expensive repairs and lost revenue.

To get technical, high turbidity in your water can cause cloudy and unappealing beverages Installing a proper filter will improve the quality and consistency of your beverages and improve the life of your equipment. Our filtration systems are designed for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odor. We all know that delivering a quality product will add to drink sales and repeat customers.

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